made with Wisej.NET

Wisej.NET is the best .NET web framework for enterprise applications.

made with Wisej.NET

Wisej.NET is the best .NET web framework for enterprise applications.

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Made With Wisej.NET - XData - PiperWMS Logistic Warehouse

XData – PiperWMS Logistic Warehouse

Wisej.NET played a key role in migrating PiperWMS, a warehouse logistics management application. PiperWMS is now usable on different devices (PC, Tablet, Mobile), adapting the interface to the available presentation space. Since 1998 XData has been providing solutions for warehouse logistics management and production. The PiperWMS application manages the shipment of over 2M packages a year.

HALO – Hartmann Advanced Logistic Ordering

The Wisej framework was chosen as the best candidate for HARTMANN’s customer-facing solution, Hartmann Advanced Logistics Ordering (HALO). This application simplifies ordering, approval, and fulfillment of wound care products for health professionals in the United Kingdom.

Skanska – Project Management

Wisej helps migrate Skanska’s Project Management Application for 4,500 users. Thousands of construction sites for critical infrastructure across the globe benefit from Wisej as a rapid web-enabling technology for their project management processes.

EME GmbH – Member of SORG Group

EME GmbH Realizes Predictive Maintenance Backend for the Glass Production Industry with Wisej. Germany-based EME GmbH is a supplier of batch preparation and batch charging technologies for the glass industry. The company was founded 100 years ago and is today one of the leading suppliers for customers around the world.
Made With Wisej ImagseStoreHouse

SLogic – ImageStoreHouse

Sophisticated Logic (S-Logic) uses Wisej to develop their Smart Home and document management software, managing over 16 million documents for clients.
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  • I have seen a lot of hype over the years on this and that being a game changer or the next big thing and rarely do I find something that lives up to the hype.
    It isn’t very often that I ever get a holy crap moment but I did with this! I am very intrigued with the possibilities of what this could open up.

    Tim L.

  • We are absolutely satisfied because we could maximize the results and meet all of our planned prerequisites. Generally speaking, Wisej is today probably one of the best platforms for the development of line of business software for the web.


  • You use to have on your website a line saying something like 'build web applications 1,000 x faster' which I originally thought was a marketing claim but now I think it is real.

    Andrew P.

  • By using Wisej, updating the web applications GUI on the browser from the background task is very easy. Despite being a browser-based application, the user experience is fast and smooth with tight integration of RFID scanners similar to a local application setup. This subsystem was created in less than 2 hours!

    Eric M.

  • The new feature DataRepeater is amazing. Thanks for your hard work.

    Frank X.

  • I think Wisej is must have, is promising, is amazing. I would like more people to know you. I personally prefer Wisej over ASP.NET/MVC. Microsoft should do minimalist, simple, fast and easy ways to develop like you.

    Sergio G.

  • We save a lot of time developing with Wisej and can concentrate on what the business really needs. Wisej is lighter than comparable technologies and gives much better results in terms of performance. It is crucial for us to integrate external components and services. Wisej made this task very easy for us. Ice Tea Group’s support services have been very helpful and reliable to help build a robust platform.

    Nicolás P.

  • I have been following you since Visual WebGUI and in those days it was “close”, but not there yet. This is (so far) pretty flawless. I lost sleep last night thinking about things I want to build with it. When a tool does that to me, I consider it a game-changer.

    John N.

  • Hi ! I'm trying WiseJ. I already had developed web apps with VisualWebGui. But these one is fantastic.

    Marcelo B.

  • It's great to be able to write web applications using only Visual Studio C# or VB.NET and Wisej, without additional frameworks.

    Roberto F.

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