made with Wisej.NET

Wisej.NET is the best .NET web framework for enterprise applications.

made with Wisej.NET

Wisej.NET is the best .NET web framework for enterprise applications.

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Blank Sistemas

Wisej is being used to develop complex web applications for company valuation, investment fund management, simulations of investment scenarios, product allocation, risks and compliance.
Made With Wisej Poetep


POET Ethanol Products handles all aspects of backend business functions for the ethanol industry. This includes marketing of Ethanol, CO2 and Denaturant marketing and logistics. The majority of their software is written in-house, and manages customers, plants, and internal users.

Pretor Efficient Management of Court Records

Pretor improves the intelligence and productivity of law firms, and corporate legal departments. Users can view their files from anywhere in the world through any device that has an Internet connection. Reports can be customized according to the needs of each user or the managers of each case.

Verismic Cloud Management Suite

Verismic Cloud Management Suite helps customers fight Cybersecurity attacks by simplifying IT Management and IT Control. The award-winning Cloud Management Suite is used in setups ranging from 100 to 35,000 endpoints delivering a variety of solutions for organizations of all sizes as well as managed service providers (MSPs).

Harris Local Government

Harris replaces 150 Visual Basic 6 applications with an integrated web based architecture and a modern user interface. Harris’ software suite is a proven software package that meets the needs of small to large municipalities, counties and water and sewer districts.
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  • I have been following you since Visual WebGUI and in those days it was “close”, but not there yet. This is (so far) pretty flawless. I lost sleep last night thinking about things I want to build with it. When a tool does that to me, I consider it a game-changer.

    John N.

  • Indeed the best and easiest framework for building web UI for business applications. Be productive instead of wasting time messing with javascript or other complex web technology.

    Wilfred S.

  • The new feature DataRepeater is amazing. Thanks for your hard work.

    Frank X.

  • It's great to be able to write web applications using only Visual Studio C# or VB.NET and Wisej, without additional frameworks.

    Roberto F.

  • I have seen a lot of hype over the years on this and that being a game changer or the next big thing and rarely do I find something that lives up to the hype.
    It isn’t very often that I ever get a holy crap moment but I did with this! I am very intrigued with the possibilities of what this could open up.

    Tim L.

  • We are absolutely satisfied because we could maximize the results and meet all of our planned prerequisites. Generally speaking, Wisej is today probably one of the best platforms for the development of line of business software for the web.


  • The performance of the modernized software is actually better than before. There are only two screens for which we have to tweak some SQL queries manually and adjust what data gets loaded by default. But this is no big deal—overall, the new system performs way better than before.

    Justin T.

  • Hi ! I'm trying WiseJ. I already had developed web apps with VisualWebGui. But these one is fantastic.

    Marcelo B.

  • We save a lot of time developing with Wisej and can concentrate on what the business really needs. Wisej is lighter than comparable technologies and gives much better results in terms of performance. It is crucial for us to integrate external components and services. Wisej made this task very easy for us. Ice Tea Group’s support services have been very helpful and reliable to help build a robust platform.

    Nicolás P.

  • I think Wisej is must have, is promising, is amazing. I would like more people to know you. I personally prefer Wisej over ASP.NET/MVC. Microsoft should do minimalist, simple, fast and easy ways to develop like you.

    Sergio G.

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